Rainbows Inspire GoGo Hare

In 2017 Rainbows celebrated its 30th Anniversary, shortly after the GoGoHare was launched.  As a unit (1st Old Catton Rainbows) this seemed a great way to celebrate the anniversary.

Choosing an artist was easy. Last  Christmas we booked “Painting Passions”, Rosey Hancock is an artist who runs step by step instructed painting classes, Kids & Canvas and adult themed Booze & Brushes paint nights.  We asked if she would take on the challenge of painting our leveret, she was very flattered and said yes straight away as she thought it would be a really unique project to take part in.

Rosey spent an evening with the Rainbows and leaders she sketched out all our different ideas of what they would like. The girls  came up with our community “Old Catton”, our promise, our aims (Look, Learn, Love, Laugh) and happiness.  She them drew round all the girls hands on the base to show our foundation.  Rosey then took these along with Crystal back to her studio and began working out some ideas.

Rosey started with a base coat then work from the bottom up. She then started on the grass and handprints on the base then worked on the tress up the legs then onto the vines over the body, each part representing an idea they had. Rosey said “ I really enjoying doing the project but definitely found working in 3D form more difficult and tricky in places like around legs. Overall I’m very happy with how its turned out in the 74 painting hours it took me”.

The results are just amazing, we can see the woods of Catton Park, the Cat on the Barrel the village sign, the handprints of the Rainbows working together, the Girlguiding Rainbow Promise and much more.

1st Old Catton Rainbows was started in 1989 by Pat Threadgold also known as “Crystal”, she has remained active in Catton District Guides recently running 2nd Old Catton Rainbows, but this July she is retiring so this is a double celebration and the reason behind our Leveret name.

Our Leveret was also picked to go to Pensthorpe Wild About The Wensum Trail in May.

Once the trail is over, we wanted to keep the Leveret in the community, so with the permission of St Margaret’s Parochial Council, it has been agreed that Crystal will live in the Church, where she can be visited by all the villagers.

Our artist is Rosey Hancock paintingpassions.co.uk


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