Programme Fun – Brownies

Brownies like to dress up and try on old uniforms.

They enjoy finding out what their mums and grannies did when they were Brownies. They dance into the Brownie ring round the toadstool and sing the six songs.

We have information and stories about the old six names, such as leprechauns and sprites.

See below for some ways that we can support the delivery of the guiding programme and save time for busy leaders!

We are able to offer some of these as online sessions via Zoom. Currently available are Brownie Pocket Challenges and Century Time Travel.


Topic / time for activity

What we can do

Cards and resources to download

Brownie Pocket Challenges Traditions – 30 mins Supporting Card – for a visit Brownie Pocket Challenges and Lend a Hand (download pdf)
Lend a Hand Traditions – 15 mins
Trefoil Trivia Traditions – 20 mins Supporting Card – activity to download

Trefoil Trivia (download pdf)

World Centre picture and location cards (download pdf)

Postcards from the past (download pdf)

Global Guiding resources coming soon

Museum of imagination Storytelling – 45 mins Supporting Card – for a visit Museum of the Imagination (download pdf)
First Aid in the field Survival Skills – 30 mins

Supporting Card – for a Visit

First Aid in the Field and Strike a Light (download pdf)
Strike a light Survival – 15 mins
Century Time Travel Traditions – 45 mins

Supporting Card – for a Visit

Century Time Travel (download pdf)


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