Programme Fun – Guides

Guides like to cook and camp. We run a 1940s camp every year and take part in living history events. They compare uniforms and badges, unit meetings and activities.

They explore how guiding reflects social history through the last century and what Guides did during the wars. They love learning about how Guides march in horseshoe formation and we can try this out with them.

We have lots of books and log books where they can do their own research and find out information for themselves.

We can help girls learn some of the guiding traditional outdoor skills such as backwoods cooking. 

In addition to face to face meetings we can offer online sessions, including leading a one hour Zoom session on how to build your own virtual museum of living in lockdown for your unit. This supports the Creative curating UMA.

See below for some ways that we can support the delivery of the guiding programme and save time for busy leaders!


Topic / time for activity

What we can do

Cards and resources to download

Wartime Guides Traditions – 30 mins

Supporting Card – for a visit

Wartime guides UMA support card

Wartime Guides (download pdf)
World Centre Welcome Traditions – 45 mins

Supporting Card – download

World centre Welcome UMA support card

World Centre Welcome (download pdf)

Postcards from the past (download pdf)

World Centre picture and location cards (download pdf)

Global Guiding resources coming soon

Get Carried Away Traditions – 45 mins

Supporting Card – download

Get carried away UMA support card

Get Carried Away (download pdf)
The Two-match Challenge Traditions – 60 mins See ARC YouTube channel (coming soon)  


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