A message to current and previous members of Girlguiding… from the County Archivist!

If you are making the most of this Lockdown Time, please give the ARC a thought too!!

You might want to write your guiding history, especially if it features Norfolk.   Don’t forget to include those funny anecdotes and mention of interesting characters in guiding.  We may also try to do an audio interview with you, and then it would be great to have a photo too. It is possible to do these over the phone.

This is Rita, who was interviewed recently, in a photo as a Ranger then and now.

If you are sorting items with a view to giving them to the ARC, we are keen to focus on Norfolk items in particular. Please list what you have so we can look at this prior to bringing items if possible. We are particularly interested in logbooks, magazines, Blue Sheets, old books, old uniforms, badges and photographs! Not a lot!! We like everything really and look forward to seeing what treasures you have!



Catherine has collected her badges and displayed them beautifully. She isn’t ready to donate them yet but don’t they look lovely?




Always remember it is very important we have the five W’s for items please… This provides the provenance for an item… and this includes photos too. 

We need to know     Who, Why, What, When and Where  

Find out more about how you can donate items

Deed of Gift 

Object Entry list with sample 


We look forward to hearing from you, many thanks.

Helen Green

Girlguiding Norfolk County Archivist


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