GGN Aspires! An amazing weekend

Girlguiding Norfolk held the most awesome weekend 20-21 April 2021

In hosting #GGNAspires… we heard from 17 people in 16 sessions sharing the stories of their careers and top tips for everyone about all types of things actually – not necessarily linked to careers, but life advice too!! Think : keep learning, grab every opportunity, don’t say no to anything, work experience, portfolio, volunteer, maths, passion, do what you love, and so on.
Such a lot of time and thought went into presentations. HUGE thanks all, for a very professional event.  Careers include teacher, flood and coastal risk management officer, author and science educator, chartered financial planner, Royal Navy officer, doctor, radio producer and engineer, building service engineer and design manager, global health security correspondent, art director and social media content creator, postdoctoral researcher in marine ecology, police constable, senior broadcast journalist, air traffic controller, conflict archaeologist, female fisherman. 
All these presentations/interviews can all be found here, and later will be on the ARC YouTube channel.
You will not regret spending a little time looking at them… they are all interesting for all ages, even if you don’t think you fancy that career/are interested in that topic!  FAB resources for unit meetings/discussions.
Download an updated copy of the Programme Booklet
and check for badges that match with some of the stories these amazing women have told.
Over 5k people have been reached through this event, with over 30% engagement! (10% is good!).

We are so pleased with this work and achievement by our ARC UEA volunteers – very proud of you, especially Alice! Well done and thank you all for an amazing team effort!

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