Prepare for V for Virtual – 2 sleeps to go!

Queen Elizabeth II in the War

What did the Queen do in the war?
What did her sister do?
Were they members of The Guide Association? Find a photo.
Did you listen to the Queen’s message to the nation recently? What did you think about it?

How were these Expeditions Fundraised?

Where did the idea of fundraising come from?
How much was raised in total?
What would that amount purchase in today’s money?
Look at the Hunstanton List
How much is 1 Ton in Kg?
What were the Rose Hips collected for?
What did the B.P. Fund collect for? What does B.P. stand for?
How do you say the monetary amounts shown? e.g. £10.0.0, £9.15.0
How much did they raise in total? What would this be worth in today’s money?

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