V for Virtual – an opportunity to find out all about the Guide International Service


This event took place in 2020. We have now moved all the Guide International Service ‘V for Virtual’ event to permanent pages on our website as part of our Hands on History collection.

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The ARC is delighted to deliver a virtual event to share what the Guide International Service (GIS) did during and after WW2.

Many know that Girl Guides supported the war effort in many ways, but few are aware of the relief work done by teams in Europe and the Middle East.

This will be a hands-on event where people can learn about how the GIS were trained, what it was like for them in the field, and have a go themselves at seeing if they could also meet the mark through challenges modelled on the GIS tests. There will be videos, challenges, and a chance to share what you’ve done.

The event is aimed at members 10+ and their families, due to the nature of the event; they will be expected to plan and organise themselves over the weekend.

The ARC was involved in supporting many community events for VE75 commemoration events, and now is delighted to be delivering a new way of accessing our collection and bringing history to life as a result of our current situation!  Many thanks to the Norfolk Community Foundation, Norfolk Armed Forces Covenant. for their generous support. 

Visit V for Virtual on Facebook and sign up!  The camp begins next Friday at 12 noon.   If you are not on Facebook the website will be keeping an eye on how the training is going! 

There are two parts to registration. The first is answering questions on the facebook closed page, and then you have to complete a media consent form (for leaders) or a consent form (for parents regarding your child) which is sent to you via messenger from a member of the Admin Team. This is because this is an ARC event, and the camp will be saved as part of GGN’s digital collection. Therefore we need permissions for this. If you don’t want to do this we will be following camp on this website too in a limited way, but obviously there will not be an opportunity to contribute. Hopefully see you there!

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