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In September 2012, Girlguiding Norfolk was delighted to receive accreditation as a Learning Destination that provides activities for the Norfolk Children’s University.  The aim of the University is to develop active learners who enjoy the fun and breadth of learning opportunities away from the classroom and to promote the idea that all children can become life-long learners, increase their knowledge and confidence, and have great fun along the way.   I am sure you will agree that we do all these things in guiding!   All units have been sent a poster to display at their meeting places that confirms this accreditation.

What do we have to do?

All leaders need to do is sign off the children’s Passport to Learning.

You might like to send in ideas or pictures of what your girls have to Norfolk Children’s University so it can be in their next newsletter.

What activities count?

In Line with the ethos of Children’s University, leaders need to award hours for learning completed as part of work done towards Activity or Challenge badges.  In other words, you don’t count every minute of a meeting, just the time when the children have been engaged in structured teaching which has resulted in learning.  (We are aware in guiding that a huge amount of learning also takes place outside the structure teaching situation, particularly if you are doing ‘good guiding’.)  You can only award a maximum of 10 hours per term irrespective of how many learning hours a child has completed.

Because of the difficulties in assessing the time spent on an activity outside the unit meeting, only hours for participation in activities delivered at a structured event may count.  Residential activity hours can only be given for learning activities rather than the whole time, and a maximum of 10 hours can be given.

For more information, read the Guide for Leaders

For more information look at the Children’s University website or contact County Office.

Thank you for helping our girls have their achievements recognised as widely as possible.

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