Baden Powell Award

The Baden-Powell Challenge Award is the highest award a Guide can achieve!

To begin the award a Guide must show their commitment to guiding by having:

  • Made their Promise
  • Gained at least two Guide Challenge Badges
  • Gained at least two interest badges

View the Baden Powell Challenge Syllabus

When a Guide wishes to start working on the Award, they should discuss with their Unit Leader who will then be able to sign them up to complete the award.

The Baden-Powell Challenge is divided into five zones, each containing lots of different clauses. You need to complete ten clauses in total. You should do one from each zone, then five more.

The zones are:

  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Global awareness
  • Discovery
  • Skills and relationships
  • Celebrating diversity

To finish the Award you need to take part in a Baden-Powell Adventure. These are usually residential events organised by your County or Country/Region for all Guides in the area who are doing the Baden-Powell Challenge and are a really exciting way to meet new friends and discuss your Award with others who are also completing it.

I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Award. I discussed all of the different tasks, and which ones would challenge me most, with my Unit Leader who then signed me up for the Award.

It took me about a year to complete but I found it very interesting and I shared lots of my knowledge from tasks I had completed with my Patrol which also encouraged them to complete the Award because they realised how exciting and varied the tasks were!

I attended my Baden Powell Adventure weekend at Hautbois House and met loads of new friends who were also completing the Award at the same time as me. I was then presented my Award at NORJAM by Norfolk’s County Commissioner which was really exciting- I felt like it was my first ‘proper’ award and still talk about it all of the time- it looks so good on my CV!

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