County Exec

The members of the County Executive Committee are:

  • County Commissioner
  • Assistant County Commissioner(s)
  • Division Commissioners
  • County Treasurer
  • Other County Advisers and Appointment Holders appointed to the Committee by the County Commissioner and ratified by the County Executive Committee

The Committee meets at least three times a year and other members may be invited to meetings for specific purposes.

The principal responsibilities of the Committee are:

a) To provide leadership and be responsible for the strategic direction and ultimate delivery of guiding in Norfolk.

b) To foster the growth and spirit of The Guide Association, uphold and apply its values and the principles of equality and diversity within Norfolk.

c) To ensure all relevant information to and from Anglia Region and the National Association Executive Committee is effectively communicated.

d) To manage the finances of Girlguiding Norfolk.

e) To manage Girlguiding Norfolk effectively by setting and approving policies, plans and budgets to achieve its objectives, and monitoring performance against them.

f) To ensure that Girlguiding Norfolk complies with all relevant legislation, regulations and requirements of the Charities Commission and The Guide Association.

g) To appoint staff to manage the Girlguiding Norfolk County Office and Norfolk owned buildings


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