Greetings from Girlguiding Norfolk County Commissioner

On behalf of the Trustees of Girlguiding Norfolk and the County team I would like to send best wishes to all our members for World Thinking Day 2019. Whatever you are doing to celebrate, we wish you lots of fun and happy times.

World Thinking Day is a celebration of ten million girls worldwide that has taken place on 22 February every year since 1926. It is a day for all Guides and Girl Scouts to think of each other and celebrate being part of such a fantastic organisation. It remains one of the most important dates in the guiding calendar and every year the theme of the event encourages members to think about the big issues affecting them and their global community.

This year the theme is leadership. What are the qualities of a good leader? Everyone will have a different idea and that is great. Who would you name as a great leader that you always look to for inspiration? Looking up the definition of a great leader I found that ‘great leaders help people reach their goals and take pride in the accomplishments of those they help along the way’.

Using that definition, all our leaders and volunteers are great leaders. They inspire the girls they work with on a weekly basis to be their best, to try new things and to reach their own personal goals. So, please wear your uniform with pride and know that every time you wear it you are making a difference!

Happy World Thinking Day!


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