Check out the ARC’s new Geocaching trail

The ARC has been setting out a Geocaching trail. Why not give it a try if you are nearby?

Don’t know what geocaching is? Well it’s a form of treasure trail, accessed using a smartphone to find the treasure locations using grid references, codes, hints, and the locator on your map to show you how close you are! It is such fun, and gives walking a purpose! Everyone loves a treasure hunt! So it’s appropriate for all ages.

Thanks to Jo, a geocache trail has been laid in the area of Hautbois – you can find it by going to the website or downloading the app on your phone.

This trail is called Guiding Around Hautbois, but there are lots of other caches locally too. The more you find the merrier and you can record you have been there, both online and physically by signing the piece of paper in the cache.

Caches may be any shape or size and an indication is given on the app. and some contain swops. You can take a swop, and it’s good etiquette to leave one in return! Carry a pencil with you to sign the paper.

The trail we have laid gives a background to the history of the area, and its connections to guiding. If you achieve our guiding trail you are entitled to a free badge. Let us know via the website or our Facebook page and we will organise for delivery to you, or it can be collected from the Hautbois Activities Centre shop during open hours!

This information on this trail was part of our work experience girls’ work and we are sure you will agree they have done a fantastic job for us, including research and the badge design! Thank you so much to Megan, Sophie and Amelia!

A hugely satisfying, fun, fitness, free activity for all ages, all weathers… enjoy and leave your comments please!



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