Training tasks

Here are your training tasks

How many can you complete?

Task 1

Night Vision Download pdf

As part of the G.I.S. women were required to dress themselves and navigate in all sorts of environments, including in the dark! Have a go at making yourself smart and presentable..without being able to see!

Task 2

Exercise Download pdf

Volunteers to the G.I.S. must be ‘very fit’ and is recommended to ‘[train] herself to attain the required stand of physical fitness’. Why not have a go at our 75 for 75 challenge to start off your training?


Task 3

Cooking Download pdf

‘Some knowledge of cookery’ was required by women joining the G.I.S. and ‘attendance at demonstrations on the practical aspects of emergency feeding’ were also recommended. Time for you to test these key skill!

Task 4

Learn a Language Download pdf

It was recommended for women wishing to join the G.I.S. to ‘appreciate the traditions, customs and culture of another country’ including ‘learning something of its language’. Challenge yourself here to learn a new skill!

Task 5

Light a Fire Download pdf

Having ‘some knowledge of cooking’ and ‘Home Emergency Service’ experience, there is an implied knowledge of being able to light a fire. Here are several options for having a go at making your own fire (whether traditional ‘burning’ fires or edible ones)

Task 6

De-Lousing Download pdf

Another requirement of a prospective G.I.S. was to be able to have a sound knowledge on ‘welfare’, ‘hygiene’ and ’emergency sanitation’, which often materialised as carrying out de-lousing procedures. Take a look at a more reflective challenge.

Task 7

Make Do and Mend Download pdf

A critical part of any world in which provisions are scare is to be resourceful with what your have. All guides, not just the G.I.S. were expected to turn what they had into what they needed and prevent any waste. Have a go at doing some making and mending!
Task 8

Make a G.I.S. Badge Download pdf

With everything happening during the war and with resources being short, it was incumbent on Guides to produce their own badges for the skills that they had obtained. It is up to you to make your own badge to commemorate this camp; there are multiple options available to you..follow the task sheet for instructions!

Task 9

Entertain Others Download pdf

Some of the work that the G.I.S. were told to expect included ‘looking after children’, which can be especially difficult in very dark and difficult conditions. Have a go at finding ways to entertain your family and housemates whilst in lockdown!

Task 10

Sleeping on the Floor Download pdf

It was recommended that Guides from the age of 16 who were interested in becoming a G.I.S. should train themselves by sleeping on the floor, to prepare for the hardships that would face them. Are you ready for the challenge?

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