Camping – making a shelter

As part of the Guide Interest or Proficiency badges Guides could work towards their Backwoodsman Badge

One of the clauses for this badge was to make a simple one-man shelter from natural materials or a groundsheet. This skill is still important and is a clause in badges today eg Ranger’s Bushcraft Badge.

Trees are vital for our existence. They can provide shelter if you are lost in the wilderness and they also provide oxygen to help us breathe. Shelters can be the difference between life and death so it is important that you know how to make one.

Have a go at making a shelter like the Guides would have done. You can make it either inside or outside. If you are making your shelter inside have a look at the Rainbow Skills Builder Tent-tastic activity.

If you are going to make your shelter outside there are many links on Youtube with tutorials. The link below has an easy shelter for you if you are going to use a tarpaulin.

If you are going to use natural materials you may find this link more helpful:

When you have made your shelter, we would love to see a picture. Please post it on our Facebook page

When you have made your shelter, how about following a trail? As part of Second Class Test in the past you had to know how to follow a trail. Look at the amazing modern trail that has been organised by the ARC…. we hope you might pop along to do it sometime! There is a badge available for those doing it!!  Find out more on our Geocaching page or at

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