The Farmworker badge was an important part of guiding in the early days.

The badge aims to help girls develop a greater understanding of the natural world around us and the process of farming.

Over the years it has had a variety of forms.  It appears that until the 1980s there were a number of separate badges  for both Guides and Rangers that came and went over the years. These include Landworker,  Dairyworker  and Dairymaid, Farmworker, and Bee-farmer.  There were also Friend to animals, Horsewoman, Poultry farmer and Rabbit keeper badges at various times. 

Clockwise from top – Landworker, Poultry farmer, Rabbit Keeper, Dairymaid

In 1983, a new Farmer badge was introduced which covered the former Dairymaid, Poultry farmer, Farmer, Rabbit keeper and Beekeeper badges.

The images on the right are from Policy Organisation and Rules and Badge books in our collection. Click on the pictures to see a bigger image.

Today, we still have badges relating to the outdoors for example Animal lover and Nature.

Fun Fact!

The Hints on Girl Guide Badges (published 1933) explains the kit Girl Guides must wear when completing the Farmworker badge. It states that kit should be workmanlike, loose, and quiet in colour. It also recommends wearing wooden clogs which can be purchased from Wellington Manufacturing Company in Glasgow.

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