Girlguiding Norfolk at the Spring Fling

Girlguiding Norfolk joined over 70 stands this year at the Spring Fling which is a fun filled, educational day for learning more about food, farming and the countryside aimed at four to 11 year olds.

We decided on simple food based science for our theme which proved very popular with all of our young visitors. Making ice cream in a plastic bag proved to be a big hit; we soon had a queue waiting to have a go.

‘It’s magic!’ was a frequent comment.

Our other activities proved just as popular. Tasting raw apple and potato whilst wearing a blindfold and holding your nose is interesting. Try it – you really can’t tell the difference.

We also borrowed an idea from the County Science Box and used red cabbage juice as an indicator solution. Youngsters tested substances like vinegar, lemon juice, soap, bicarbonate of soda and toothpaste to see if they were acid or alkali.

Is that red fizzy pop strawberry flavoured? Is the yellow one lemon? Well, that would be telling, but we had fun finding out!

Sam said on Facebook

‘Great to see so much interest in your stand today. It was really nice to hear some little ones shouting to their parent, “look Rainbows!” as they walked towards the stand. Bless them, so excited.’

Elaine replied ‘That was one of the best parts Sam. But I think us Leaders had a great time too.’

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