Archive Weekend March 2017

27 people came to our very successful Archive weekend, taking part in activities that included sewing, typing, recording, listing, interviewing, preparing a Rainbow handling box and ‘treasure hunting’.  We are working our way through the boxes, but it takes time.   Staying in Patteson Lodge, and working in the ARC worked extremely well and we will certainly be holding another event.

Everyone enjoyed the weekend, and the feedback has been extremely positive…  A mother of one of the Baden Powell girls has written and said, “Eleanor was a bit unsure beforehand, not quite knowing what to expect and nervous at not knowing anybody else, but she came home full of the joys and had a fantastic time. She really did enjoy herself and seems to have made friends with some new girls from around the county.”

One of our Trefoil Guild helpers worked very hard all weekend, and still said it was Excellent!  She was quite touched when she came across a very special metal sign which she had given to her friend as a thank you as she had often stayed with her on her visits to Norfolk.   As a result of that she moved to Norfolk, and is now helping at the ARC!   They had found the sign in an antique shop in Cromer.

Any more help would be very much appreciated.  Every hour makes a difference! We are now at the ARC every Monday, and would love to see anyone else who would like to join in.   Please confirm (just in case we are having  a day off!) by emailing

Helen Green, County Archivist

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