Survival Camp

On 23rd June 20 Guides from 43rd Saxlingham Nethergate came together for a Survival Camp. On the first night we organised ourselves by putting up our Patrol tents, dining shelters and fireplaces. In the morning after lighting our fires and cooking sausages and beans, we created gadgets for washing up using rope and wooden poles and the knots we’d learnt at our meetings. For lunch we made pitta pocket pizzas and wrapped them in tinfoil and cooked them in the embers.
During the afternoon Martin from Hempnall Butchers visited and taught us how to skin, joint and de-bone four rabbits. Most of us took turns to help. This is a useful skill when you are hungry and camping in the wild. We cooked the rabbit with carrots, swede, parsnips, onion and potatoes to make a tasty stew; we cooked baked apples in foil for pudding. One girl who only eats fish, filleted a mackerel and cooked it on a reflector fire.
For Sunday breakfast we had porridge which we’d cooked overnight. Before bed we’d put the porridge in a dixie with hot milk and water. This was put in a big cardboard box covered all around with hay and it cooked whilst we were asleep as the hay is a good insulator. We had it with eggy bread.
Thea Bignell, Guide at Saxlingham Nethergate

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