Volunteer support team

Asst County Commissioner Volunteer Support Carole Smith accvol@girlguidingnorfolk.org.uk
Training Team Leader For all training enquiries, please contact County Office
Adult Leadership Qualification Coordinator Pat Threadgold alq@girlguidingnorfolk.org.uk
Awards Committee Chair Jane Greengrass awards@girlguidingnorfolk.org.uk
Peer Educator Vacancy
Going Away With Rainbows and Brownies Sue Groves rbgoingaway@girlguidingnorfolk.org.uk
Going Away With Guides and SS Jill Crowson gssgoingaway@girlguidingnorfolk.org.uk
Safe Space Hannah Webb safespace@girlguidingnorfolk.org.uk
Training Bookings Lynn & Sue training@girlguidingnorfolk.org.uk
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