Commonwealth Award

The Commonwealth Award is open to Guides aged 13+ and Senior Section members in all Commonwealth countries.

It gives you the opportunity to find out more about the history of guiding and the Commonwealth in a fun and exciting way!

View the Commonwealth Award Syllabus

When a Guide or Senior Section member wishes to start their Award, they should contact their Unit Leader and our County Commissioner before ordering the Commonwealth Award Record Book.

Three compulsory challenges must be completed which include:

  • History of guiding
  • Knowledge of the Commonwealth
  • Community Action

You can then choose two further challenges from:

  • health
  • environment
  • culture heritage
  • fit for life
  • out of doors
  • public speaking and debating
  • creative writing
  • citizenship
  • investigation

“ I think the Commonwealth Award is one that sometimes people overlook or miss out but you MUST complete this award if you are interested in Guiding.

At first I discussed it with my Unit Leader and then my County Commissioner to ensure it was the right award for me to do. Once I started researching and putting together notes I realised the thrill and anticipation of what I was going to find out about Girlguiding next was a fantastic feeling.

I learnt so much about not only Guiding, but the Commonwealth as a whole and my entire Guide unit loved finding out what I was doing at different stages of the award. One of my favourite parts was learning about, and then teaching my unit a Kenyan game called ‘mancala’- they all loved it!”

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