Queen’s Guide Award

The Queen’s Guide Award is the highest award attainable by a member of Girlguiding UK and is open to members aged 16-26 years

The Queen’s Guide Award gives you a chance to develop and enhance your skills and contribute to Guiding.

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When a Guiding member wishes to start their Award they must find someone who will be able to support them through their award and mentor them. Following this, they must contact our Queen’s Guide Advisor queensguides@girlguidingnorfolk.org.uk to sign up for the Award before purchasing a Queen’s Guide Award record book.

The award must be completed within 3 years, or before your 26th birthday.

The Queen’s Guide Award is split into 5 sections:

  • Service in guiding
  • Outdoor challenge
  • Personal skill development
  • Community action
  • Residential

 I am currently about three quarters of the way through my Queen’s Guide Award and I am SO excited by the prospect of receiving my badge at a special awards ceremony.

To complete my Queen’s Guide Award I have challenged myself in a number of different ways which include:

Volunteering with my Guide unit each week, taking on completing the accounts for them and becoming a Youth Editor for the Girlguiding magazine.

Attending a jamboree alone and taking on a completely new task, encouraging me to meet other members of Girlguiding.

Self-teaching myself the art of book folding and progressing this to complete more difficult patterns.

Volunteering with YMCA Norfolk and researching into mental health before presenting my findings to my mentor, Queen’s Guide Advisor & Guide unit.

I am yet to complete my expedition but I have complete influence over what I choose to do which a really exciting prospect, but also a great opportunity to progress in what I achieved when completing my Going Away with Scheme.

This is a really exciting, flexible and varied award and I just cannot recommend it one bit, I am going to be so sad once I have completed it as I have met amazing friends along the way and achieved things I never thought I would

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